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====== WChSandBox ====== [[simulations|< Back to simulations and reco page]] For our preliminary Monte Carlo studies, ANNIE has developed a simple Monte Carlo and reconstruction package based in Geant. This package is called WChSandbox, or "Sandbox" for short. It provides a Root-tree structure for recording the results of physics simulations in a rectangular, spherical, and cylindrical volume filled with water, Gd-loaded water, or water-based liquid scintilator (wbLS). The output files record the start- and end-point information from all non-photon particle tracks, as well as the details of all of the photons and neutron captures. A standalone reconstruction package contains compiled classes for reading, modifying, and writing these trees. It also contains a variety of example scripts for physics studies, applying maskings to simulate limited PMT coverage, etc. We are also starting bring in versions of algorithms developed by IA State and UC for timing-based track and vertex reconstruction. WChSandbox is not a substitute for a full detector simulation, but it provides a quick tool for prototyping. The reconstruction tools will be useful both for these "Lite" studies and when applied to a full MC detector model. The code can be found on trac, here: [[]] **Instructions For Downloading** svn co mySandbox To download the standalone reconstruction tools: svn co myAna **Requirements** You need to have an installation of Geant4 and Root libraries to compile this code **To compile the simulation** - cd mySandbox - edit the attached file and set all the appropriate pathnames for the ROOT and for this copy of WChSandbox - source - make all **To compile the reconstruction tools** - cd to mySandbox/analysis - 'make'

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