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======Instructions For Downloading WChSandBox====== [[wchsandbox_github|< Back to the WChSandBox page]] 1) Create the directory you want the code in:\\ mkdir MyWChSandBox 2) go into the directory\\ cd MyWChSandBox 3) initialize git\\ git init 4) set up the "remote" "origin" of the code to be the website of the git package\\ git remote add origin \\ This tells git where the package is located online. You will refer to the location of the package as "origin" in future commands.\\ \\ 5) Use the "pull" command to download the package to your local area.\\ git pull origin [branch name] \\ For now there is only one branch, the master, so you would type\\ git pull origin master \\ At this point there will be a local copy of the master (or whichever) branch in MyWChSandBox\\

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