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**TUESDAY** 10am-11am: short tour of the code and tutorial of Glenn's Matlab code 11am-12pm: discussion of the digitization model * gathering statistics on per-channel, per-event photon rates * strategy for testing trigger model (including dark noise, cosmics, etc) **Noon: lunch** 1pm-2pm: tour of the mTC 2pm-3:30pm: discussion of strategy for muon reconstruction using Glenn's code: needed inputs, outputs, time-table 3:30pm: coffee break 4pm-5pm: short tour of WCSimLite and WCSimAnalysis 5pm-6pm: results of Matt's preliminary studies with WCLite 6pm-7:30pm: plans for neutron tagging studies * how much water is enough to stop signal neutrons? * how much water is enough to stop rock/dirt spallation neutrons? * what happens to all of the neutrons? H2O capture? Gd capture? * how efficiently can we tag neutron captures? possible background separation issues? * is it possible to coordinatize neutron captures? how many LAPPDs are necessary? **7:30: dinner** **WEDNESDAY** 9:00 - 9:30 additional discussion of neutron studies, as needed 9:30 phone call with Marc 10:15 phone call with Mayly, Erika, and Gavin 11:00 phone meeting with everyone: what plots/figures/studies are essential to the LOI? **Lunch and follow up discussion 12:30-1:30** Discussion of pulse coincidence testing to happen in Blacksburg VA.

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