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====== PAC Talk (Jan 16, 2015) ====== **THE SLIDES:** {{:pacmeeting2_v4.2.pdf| draft version 4.2}} \\ {{:pacmeeting2_v4.pdf| draft version 4.0}} \\ {{:pacmeeting2_v3.pdf| draft version 3.0}} \\ {{:pacmeeting2_v2.pdf| draft version 2.0}} **Letters of Support:** {{:watchman_annie_letter_signed.pdf| Letter from Adam Bernstein and Bob Svoboda (WATCHMAN)}} \\ {{:triumf_akirakonaka.pdf| Letter from Akira Konaka (Triumf)}} \\ {{:asdcletter-annie.pdf| Letter from Gabriel Orebi Gan (ASDC)}} \\ {{:annie-beacom.pdf| Letter from John Beacom (SN neutrino theory/EGADS)}}\\ {{:annie_letter_vagins.pdf| Letter from Mark Vagins (EGADS/Super-K}}\\ {{:wurm_letter_of_support_annie.pdf| Letter from Michael Wurm (LENA)}}\\ {{:annie-support-patzak.pdf| Letter from Thomas Patzak (Laboratoire APC)}}\\ {{:2015-01-19_20incom_20-_20annie_20grant_20application_20support_20letter_20update.pdf| Letter from Michael Minot (Incom)}}

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