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====== Minutes of the MRD Discussion ====== **Date/Time: 2015-02-17 15:20 UTC** **Attending:** Bob Svoboda, Jonathan, Jose Repond, Lei Xia, Matt Wetstein, Matthew Malek **Agenda:** 1) Hardware Status 1.1) SciBooNE steel Matthew and Morgan Wascko have been arranging for a property transfer for the SciBooNE steel. A request has been made to Pete Wilson, and passed on to Gina Rameika & Steve Brice. We are now waiting to hear back from them. 1.2) PMTs The SciBooNE MRD used 2" PMTs from three sources: Rochester, Kansas State University, and Fermilab. Rochester: Bob has obtained permission from Kevin McFarland for ANNIE to use their PMTs. The initial loan will be for a period of ~2 years. It might be possible to extend this later. A proper memorandum of understanding (MoU) will be draw up to formalise the agreement. Kansas: Matthew has contacted Tim Bolton, who is doing 'due diligence' into the request and will respond with more information shortly. Fermilab: In contrast to the Rochester and Kansas PMTs, these are still physically present in the SciBooNE hall. The responsible person to contact about using them is Karen Kephart. No one has been in touch with her yet. **ACTION: Matt will get in touch with Karen this week.** \\ 1.3) Scintillator The SciBooNE MRD scintillator is owned by New Mexico State University (NMSU). There were plans to use it for a MicroBooNE veto; however, this may no longer be happening. By happy coincidence, Matt will be visitied NMSU next month. **ACTION: Matt will ask for permission to use the scintillator in ANNIE when he visits NMSU next month.**\\ 1.4) RPCs See Jose's slides for main content. Also, certain questions were raised, including: - Do we need the steel if we are using RPCs? (Probably, as the RPC thickness is probably not quite sufficient on its own. Also, multiple scattering is an issue and the RPCs do not have the mm-scale sensitivity required to resolve this.) 1.5) General concerns - What is power like in the SciBooNE hall? (How many 20 A and 30 A circuits?) - What is climate control like in the SciBooNE hall? - What is the plumbing like, for getting water and returning it, in the SciBooNE hall? **ACTION: Matthew will ask the SciBooNE spokesperson, Morgan Wascko, and report back with this information at the next ANNIE MRD meeting.**\\ 2) Possible goals for ANNIE Phase I Physics potential includes help with measuring skyshine neutrons. Also, the MRD, if ready, could be used in Phase I to help tag and identify events with a muon. Is it possible to use the MRD in Phase I to help with cross-section physics? Also noted: We can have two MRDs (one with SciBooNE iron + scintillator, and one that is RPC-based) as well as other small experiments, like the DCTPC and maybe SciBath. We could potentially run all (or several) of these at once, making measurements that could be cross-checked against each other. Some concern was voiced that this may be attempting too much for ANNIE Phase I. We have specific Phase I goals outlined in the proposal; these need to be met within a short time window. If we try to do too much beyond the already-defined goals, we may spread ourselves too thin and endanger prospects for ANNIE Phase II. General discussion on this point ensured; no clear consensus was reached on what the 'right' amount of add-ons should be (including whether we should aim to have any MRD running in Phase I, as this is outside the scope defined in the proposal). 3) Software Update Tabled until next meeting, due to lack of time. **[Meeting adjourned at 16:20 UTC.]**

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