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**ANNIE Meeting Minutes, Dec 4 2013:** On call: Matt W, Andrey E, Bob S, Bob W, Hank S, Mayly We discussed the status of the EOI. The general consensus is that the text is much improved, though there is still work to be done, particularly on the editing. The next 3 steps are: 1) To get general comments and corrections from the full ANNIE list 2) To get the full author-list 3) To get a few sentences from interested institutions on their expertise/resources/technical interests. ++++++++++ The final draft is due on Dec 16, so we need to get moving. The plan is to have another phone meeting next week. We would like to get all major comments in, by that time. We would also like to have the author list and any extra text by that time as well. ++++++++++ We split up the work of touching base with various institutions about authorship: * Bob S - Japanese * Bob W - ANL and LAPPD * Matt W - Chicago and FNAL (possibly with Henry's help) * Mayly - UK ++++++++++ There was a discussion of which institutions will provide short text on possible components of the experiment they plan to work on Hardware commitments: * Chicago/ANL - LAPPDs (front end) * UK - DAQ, systems integration(?) * IA State - frontanti-coincidence counter * Davis - refurbishing the MRD and/or building the water * Irvine - water system, PMTs * Japan - HV supplies (~200 channels) Simulations and reconstruction: * Uchicago, Ioawa State, Irvine (Michael Smy) ++++++++++ Matt presented on some studies he has done, regarding neutron thermalization and capture. There may be work to be done on optimaizing the dimensions of the detector and the fiducial volume. Slide can be found here: ++++++++++ We discussed possible dates for a collaboration meeting in Chicago. We narrowed the possibilities down to: * Feb 21-24 * Feb 28-Mar 3 * Mar 7-10 I will send out a doodle poll and we can settle on the best 2 days. ++++++++++ We also discussed the meeting schedule for the next two months. Next week will be a focused meeting on the state of the EOI. Subsequent meetings, leading up to the collaboration meeting will be focused on specific technical tasks. These meetings will be lead by the interested institutions and focused on making lists of tasks(/dependencies) and starting to settle on the conceptual design. We didn't agree on an exact schedule, but I would propose: * Dec 11 - Final meeting on the EOI * Dec 18 - Electronics and DAQ * Jan 8 - Neutrons * Jan 22- Reco and Sim * Feb 5 - Photodetectors * Feb 19 - MRD and FACC * COLLAB MEETING * March 5 -Mechanical Design

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