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**ANNIE Meeting Minutes, Oct 30 2013:** On call: Matt, Francesca, Bob S, Bob W, Henry F, Hank S, Mayly Meeting started with an announcement from Matt: the PAC meeting has been pushed to January. EOI will not be due until mid December. But, we would still like to post a snapshot on arXiv by early Nov. The following notes are shorthand and hard to follow, I will clean them up shortly: The general consensus was that, while the text is generally good and all-there, the organization of said text needs work. To paraphrase Bob S: We need to tell a story and that's not coming across yet. Mayly: -Combination of physics and R&D - doesn't think there's enough parity -Focus on the neutron yield, but point out what's interesting -SN neutrino case is weak - need to talk with Mike Smy -Swap Section 4 and 3 (experiment with R&D) -Use timing-based fiducial cuts in the experiment section to frame the R&D tasks -Maybe not separate sections for each R&D goal Bob S - Executive Summary to tie the two components "story doesn't come through" LAPPDs are useful. We would like to test them. We have a physics measurement where they are needed. Henry - Hardware as goal, not a necessity Mayly - "List of Tasks" Henry - seconds Mayly switch sections Francesca thirds that Francesca - material is there agrees it needs to be reorganize "Technological Tasks" Bob's two tasks operate LAPPDs in water Picosecond reconstruction Technological Taskforce Look into alternatives for the SciBooNE pit, but not in the proposal

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