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====== Big Picture Tasks ====== [[wpedits|< Back to white paper edits page]] * ANNIE: Atmospheric -> Accelerator * Get rid of the SK neutron yield plot? * Make the physics related changes per John Beacom's suggestions: especially RE the SK neutron measurement and why it's not enough (sharpen the intro and conclusion) * SN physics changes per John Beacom's suggestions * Get Bob to remake or validate the plot I cobbled together for the PDK section * MRD section is rough and focuses only on the new RPC-based option. The text should still assume as a plan A that we get the old MRD back up (even though the RPC option is looking very good). * Bibliography needs work * Proof reading, implement all of the miscellanious comments. * Check in with Henry on electronics Section * Put something in for Budget and Institutional commitments (what are we asking for!?)

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