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**ANNIE Meeting Agenda - Dec 3, 2014** 2pm, CT call-in number: 1-866-740-1260 meeting ID number: 8529191# * Announcements * Brief check-in on the white paper * Discussion of Phase I electronics. Goals: * Discuss off-the-shelf hardware options - possible collaborators (WATCHMAN/WATCHBOY) * What to put in the white paper * what it would take to be ready in summer (funding/design/person-power)? * what being ready means: * operate 60 PMTs + 1 LAPPD * clocked to the beam * basic trigger * write to disc * on the cheap * adaptable to Run II Event rates: {{:evt_rates.pdf|}} WATCHMAN text on electronics: {{:watchmanelectronics.pdf|}} Newest draft of the white paper: {{:annie_whitepaper_v3.0.pdf| pdf}} | {{|source}}

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