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**ANNIE Meeting Agenda - November 19, 2014** 4pm, CT call-in number: 1-866-740-1260 meeting ID number: 8529191# * Announcements (2') * Update on WCSim (Roberto) {{:rsacco-wcsim-annie.pdf|}} (10') * Discussion of LAPPD coverages (Matt) {{:2014-11-19_simulations.pdf|}} (10') * * Physics case (everyone) (15') * Plan for next meeting (Everyone) (5'') Following meeting (TBA): electronics\\ New draft of ANNIE White Paper: {{|}} New text from Bob, will update after the meeting. Stay tuned. Next meeting, Tuesday the 25th 4:30pm: review of semi-complete draft (focus on the physics) Wednesday Dec 3rd, 2pm meeting electronics

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