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**ANNIE Meeting Agenda - June 18, 2014** 4pm, CT call-in number: 1-866-740-1260 meeting ID number: 8529191# * Status of PMT testing - Hank Sobel (5') * Status of Simulations and Reconstruction - Matthew Malek and Matt Wetstein (10') * WbLS Proposal and ANNIE - a discussion (30') * Take aways from the PI meeting and dinner with Alan - Mayly * Watchman R&D Proposal - Matt W * ANNIE+LAPPD text - Matt W * The "Generic WbLS Proposal" and ANNIE. How do they fit together? - Everyone **Relevant Documents** {{:wblsproposal.pdf|(Very Early) Draft WbLS Proposal}} {{:broadlappdtasks.pdf| LAPPD and ANNIE Year-1 Development Tasks}}

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