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**ANNIE Meeting Agenda - May 21, 2014** 4pm, CT call-in number: 1-866-740-1260 meeting ID number: 8529191# * Reconstruction results (Matthew Malek, Glenn Jocher, Matt Wetstein) (20') * A game plan for the PAC (15') * Meeting at Neutrino2014 (5') {{:2014-05-21_annieloi.pdf|}} {{:2014-05-21_anniereco.pdf|}} {{:80pmt-topbottom.png?200|}} {{:80pmt-topbottomsides.png?200|}} {{:glenneventdisplay1.png?200|}} {{:glenn_occupancy_1.png?200|}} {{:glenneventdisplay2.png?200|}} {{:glenn_occupancy_2.png?200|}} {{:glenneventdisplay3.png?200|}} {{:glenn_occupancy_3.png?200|}}

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